Glyndŵr's Crown - Symbol of Sovereignty

crownFollowing the presentation of Cleddyf y Genedl to Machynlleth and Bro Ddyfi in 2004, another important ceremony was held on Parliament Green at Senedd-Dŷ Glyndŵr on 21 June - Parliament Day 2007.

The purpose of this ceremony was so that Llysgenhadaeth Glyndŵr could this time deliver the Crown of Glyndŵr, the symbol of our everlasting sovereignty as a nation, to Elfyn Rowlands, Cefn Caer who had been chosen as its Guardian for the future.

crownThis magnificent gold and silver crown has been designed and hand crafted in a similar fashion to the crown that would have been crafted for Owain Glyndŵr's coronation as Prince of Wales on 21 June 1404. An interesting feature is that this crown is encircled with bolts to denote the practice of bolting crowns to helmets whilst in battle during the medieval period. The crown was sponsored and made by goldsmith and patriot A.H. Lewis who was well known for having produced over 30 Eisteddfod crowns, two for the National Eisteddfod of Wales.

It is the duty of the Guardian of Glyndŵr's Crown to bring it to Parliament Green, Machynlleth on 21 June - Parliament Day annually so that the sovereignty of Wales can be displayed to the nation at a designated ceremony.

Both Cleddyf y Genedl (see Sword of the Nation) and the Crown of Glyndŵr are part of Llysgenhadaeth Glyndŵr's campaign to restore the national treasures of Wales as the originals were either looted during the conquest of 1282 - 83 or have been lost over the centuries by other means.