Traditional Stories

The Maiden of Cefn Caer

At one time, a beautiful maiden lived at Cefn Caer and she fell head over heels in love with a young man from the locality but, her parents disliked him and would not give their permission for the young couple to get married. After a great deal of pleading and tears from the girl, her father came up with the idea of setting the young man a task to prove his love for his daughter. He challenged the young man to spend the night naked on Esgairweddan mountain. The young man accepted the challenge but took a mallet and a crowbar with him so that he could break stones all night in order to keep warm. It was the height of winter and although he kept himself busy breaking stones, the young man could not stop shivering, his teeth chattered together and he found it hard to work as his fingers were going numb. He felt very downhearted indeed until he looked down the mountain towards Cefn Caer and saw a light flickering in his sweetheart's bedroom window. She had lit a candle for him to see and this light gave him the encouragement to carry on with his task. Much to the surprise of the girl's father, the young man appeared at Cefn Caer the following morning and he was forced to keep his promise and allow them to marry.

Christmas came and family guests were expected for the Xmas dinner. It was customary for the family to make an appearance at the morning service at the chapel so the parents asked the girl to cook the goose for the dinner whilst they attended the service. The girl watched them go then placed the goose at one end of the hall house and a lit candle at the other. When the parents came back, the goose, of course, remained uncooked. They asked the girl why hadn't she cooked the goose as they had ordered, she replied that she had given it the same chance as they had given her beloved and now, by looking at this cold goose, they know just how he had felt!

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